Brands Whisper'g ®
is a web and video based
e-learning tool, developed to make marketing easy and fun
to milennialls.

Brands Whisper’g® initially started as in Turkey in March 2016 as El Izi’s project.

Again the aim was to bring together the two worlds –this time, teaching marketing theories developed by academia merging it with the richness of business life.

Brands Whisper’g® suggests to reverse the order of teaching in business studies.

Each chapter being covered by scripted real life marketing cases, with the narration of marketing executives.

Cases are followed by theoretical explanations given for that case by an academician.

We are continuing to expand our Turkish video cases, as well as working on new UK video cases.

Brands Whisper'g
in the UK

License Agreement with the Case Centre

Since May 2018, some of our cases with English dubbing have been added to the Case Centre’s collection.

In 2017 we signed a license agreement with the Case Centre in the UK, for marketing and distribution of some of our video cases and teaching notes, under the Brands Whisper’g®
registered name.
For our Collection at The Case Centre:

Brands Whisper'g® to Receive EDUCATE's Evidence Aware Edwards Award at BETT 2019

Brands Whisper’g® was chosen to take part at EDUCATE programme in August 2018. This gave us a chance to develop the tool further, while testing its validity as an alternative teaching method.

EDUCATE is an unique programme led by the University College London, Institute of Education that connects the Ed Tech community to the world’s best educational research and practice.

It aims to build and develop world-class EdTech products and services, based on what works for teachers and learners.

It enables entrepreneurs and SMEs to develop and grow, creating the very best products and services that are tried and tested, effective and fit for purpose (//

Having successfully completed Cohort 6, Brands Whisper’g® was awarded with EDUCATE’s Evidence Aware Edwards Award at BETT 2019 on Jan. 25, 2019


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Brands Whisper'g® outside of the UK

How Brands Whisper’g® expanded into MNC Whispering Collection

Based on the novel pedagogical method of Brands Whisper’g®, we teamed with four European Universities to expand the same product idea to International Business (IB) curriculum by applying the same methodology under MNC Whispering name.

  • Acquired ERASMUS+ grant of €350K+ with a project titled “Open Access Digital Video Case Library for Teaching International Business” (2018-1-BE02-KA203-046832) for replication of product idea of Brands Whisper’g® across a wider geography and different disciplines apart from Marketing between 2018-2021.

  • Together with partners, completed the MNC Whispering collection with 13 new video cases and 27 teaching related materials (

  • Published an article on Brands Whisper’g® methodology with partners at the Journal of Teaching in International Business, where it is cited as a new and innovative e-learning approach and presented at academic conferences.