Nukhet Vardar

Nukhet Vardar, the founder of El Izi Istanbul and Brands Whisper’g®, London has been working both as a practitioner and an academician in Marketing/ Communications since 1985.

Nukhet led a professional life, merging the separate worlds of the academia with the practicalities of the business world throughout her life.


Vardar shared her views at the Academy of International Business (AIB) Teaching & Education SIG Insight News , discussing how to put DEI principles into practise while teaching International Business. The insight was published in Dec. 2022

Dr. Vardar started updating the four-volume reference called, Türk Markaları which as written by herself and previously published between 2007-1013. This work included 41 brands’, branding stories. Vardar started to expand and update these branding stories in 2021, transferring them to Google Play Books as individual branding stories in the form of an e-publication.

The new series is named as 3D Türk Markaları and individual stories are being sold at Google Play Books as of Autumn 2022, with the intention of expanding the collection. 

For the new features added to the series pls see: (in Turkish)