No two projects we undertake
resemble each other

About El Izi

El Izi originating in Istanbul, means “hand print” in Turkish.
Just like each one of us has an unique hand print,
El Izi, Istanbul has been producing novel projects in Marketing and Communications since 2002.
No two projects we undertake resemble each other.
But every project tries to blend the resources of academia with that of the business world.
El Izi, London was establised in October 2016 with the same idea and ideal;
aiming to realise unique and novel projects
in Marketing / Communication in the UK, that are related with the academia as well as the business world.

Recent Project

Brands Whisper'g

Brands Whisper’g® initially started as
in Turkey in March 2016 as El Izi’s project.
Again the aim was to bring together the two worlds –

this time, teaching marketing theories developed by academia
merging it with the richness of business life.