Nukhet Vardar

Nukhet Vardar, the founder of El Izi Istanbul and London, has been working both as a practitioner and an academician in Marketing/ Communications since 1985.
Nukhet led a professional life, merging the separate worlds of the academia with the practicalities of the business world throughout her life.  

Vardar shared her views on "How to write and develop video cases" at the Academy of Management IM Division Teaching Committee’s Teach Resources website in Summer 2021
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Brands Whisper’g® Collection produced for Marketing, has expanded into International Business with MNC Whispering series in 2022.

El Izi UK, completed a video case on social enterpreneurship based on a social innovation idea from the UK, which aims educating students in Africa, enabling them to start generating their own electricity.

It is actually a live example of the 2018 film called “The boy who harnessed the wind”!