Works for Academia

Academic Degrees

High School

Izmir American Collegiate Institute,
Izmir Turkey

1972-1979 (GPA 7.41 over 10.00)


Dokuz Eylul University, Faculty of Business, Dept. of Business Economics,
Izmir, Turkey

1979-1983 (GPA 3.63 over 4.00) Research

University of Manchester, Institute of Science and Technology Management Sciences, in International Marketing,
Manchester, UK (former UMIST),

1983-1984 (Graduation in March 1984)


Manchester University of Manchester, Institute of Science and Technology (former UMIST), Management Sciences, in International Advertising,
Manchester, UK

1987-1989 (Graduation in March 1990)

Associate Professorship

Turkish Univ. of Chancellors, in Advertising
and Promotions
Istanbul Turkey

(Degree granted on October 20, 1994)


Yeditepe Univ., Faculty of Economics Business Administration In Marketing,
Istanbul, Turkey,

(Appointed on October 8, 2004)

Academic Posts

Teaching Assistant

Part-Time Teaching Assistant at University of Manchester, Institute of Science and Technology (former UMIST), Management Sciences while doing PhD
Manchester UK
During 1987-1988, 1988-1989 academic years, for five terms

Visiting Lecturer

Visiting lecturer at Dokuz Eylül University, Business Faculty,
İzmir, Turkey

Between Oct. 1995-Feb. 1996

Full Time Lecturer

Full time lecturer at Yeditepe University, Faculty of Eco. and Business Adm.,
Istanbul, Turkey

Jan. 2002 – Sept 2006

Part-time Lecturer

Part-time lecturer at Bahçeşehir University, Faculty of Communications
Istanbul, Turkey
Oct. 2003 – May 2005

Part-time Lecturer

Part-time lecturer at Yeditepe University, Social Sciences Graduate School,
Istanbul, Turkey
Sept. 2006 – June 2008


Turkish Education Foundation

Turkish Education Foundation Scholarship for doing M.Sc. in the UK

1983-1984 academic year

ORS Award

Overseas Research Students (ORS) Award By the Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals of the Universities of the United Kingdom (CVCP), covering overseas student fees over MSc. and Ph.D. years,
1983-84, 1987-88 and 1988-89 academic years

Teaching Assistantship

Part Time Teaching Assistantship (PTTA), University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), Management Sciences covering home student fees and living expenses

1987-1988, 1988-1989 academic years for five terms

PTTA Research Fund

PTTA Research Fund from UMIST – Management Sciences towards Ph.D. research expenses
1987 and 1988

British Council Grant-in- Aid

Manchester British Council Grant-in- Aid for covering living expenses over summer months

1987 and 1988

N. Vardar has been publishing extensively in marketing/advertising/branding over the years; having

12 Books

6 Book Chapters

4 in English

60 Articles

20 in English

80+ presentations

Academic & Teaching Related Publications

Books / Book Chapters​

1- VARDAR, N. (2016) “Turkish EMNCs with Foreign Direct Investments in the EU:Their Motivations,Degree of Internationalization and Company Performance” (Chapter 7)  in Emerging Market Multinationals in Europe, ed. by Brennan and C. Bakır, Routledge Publications, July.

2- VARDAR, N., (2012) “Turkey with 3rd Wave of MNCs”, in Marketing Management in Asia, ed by S.J.Paliwoda, T. Andrews , J. Chen, Routledge, Sept.

3- URAY, N., N. VARDAR, R. NACAR (2012) “International Marketing Related Outward FDI Motives: Turkish MNCs’ Experience in the EU”, in Progress in International Business Research : New  Policy Challenges for European Multinationals, by R. van Tulder, A. Verbeke, L. Voinea, Emerald Publication, Dec.

4- VARDAR, N. (2008) Hyundai: The Struggle for International Success”, in International Business: Strategy, Management and New Realities , by T. Çavuşgil, G. Knight and J. R. Riesenberger, Prentice Hall, ABD.

5- VARDAR, N. (1998), Global Advertising:Rhyme or Reason, LGAd Inc, Kore. (The original book published in 1992 in English was translated into Korean in 1998)

6- VARDAR, N. (1995) ”Türkiye’de Reklamcılık” ve ”Uluslararası Reklamcılık” chapters Açıköğretim Fakültesi’nin Reklamcılık ve Satış Yönetimi, T.C. Anadolu Univ. (Open Univ) Publications, No. 117. (Chapters 12 and 13)

7- VARDAR, N. (1995)  ”Media Burst in a Euroasian Country: A Blessing or a Burden?” in International Marketing Reader,ed. by S.J. Paliwoda and J.K. Ryans, Jr., Routledge, London.

8- VARDAR, N., A. ALYANAK, P. ÇIRPILI (editors),  (1994)  Pazar Arastırmaları Terimler Sözlüğü: İngilizce – Türkçe – İngilizce (Translation of ESOMAR Market Research Glossary), Turkish Market Researchers’ Assoc. İstanbul.

9- VARDAR,N. (1992)  Global Advertising:Rhyme or Reason, Paul Chapman Pub., London, Feb. (N. Vardar’s part of Ph.D was turned into a book targeted for the business life in 1992. This book is now included into Sage portfolio and still being sold at in 2018)    

Theses Written

1-VARDAR, N. (1989) Management of International Advertising: Involvement of Foreign Headquarters in UK Subsidiaries and Agencies,  Ph.D. Thesis, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, UMIST, UK

2- VARDAR, N. (1984) Industrial Buying Behaviour with Regard to Foreign Purchases, M.Sc. by Research Thesis, UMIST, UK

Articles & Teaching Cases

1-GURSOY, G., G. TUNC, N. VARDAR, (2021) “Revisiting Net Working Capital Management – Brisa Bridgestone Sabanci Tyre Man and Trading Inc”  Brands Whisper’g Video Case Series, UK, March



Teaching Note: and

2- VARDAR, N. (2020) “Empowering Sales Force Through Digital Technologies – Brisa Bridgestone Sabanci”  Brands Whisper’g Video Case Series, UK, December



Teaching Note: and 

3- VARDAR, N. (2020) “Digital Transformation Through Artificial Intelligence – Brisa Bridgestone Sabanci”  Brands Whisper’g Video Case Series, UK, December



Teaching Note: and  

4- VARDAR, N. (2020) “Networking and networking orchestration” [Video file], In The Business& Management Collection, Henry Stewart Talk Series, UK, September 

5- VARDAR, N. (2020) “Global advertising in the 21st century” In Business& Management Collection, Henry Stewart Talk Series, UK, June 

6- VARDAR, N. (2020) “Branding through experiential marketing: launch of National Geographic in an emerging country”In Business& Management Collection, Henry Stewart Talk Series, UK, April

7- VARDAR, N. (2020) “The right time to change a logo – an extreme case of a parcel delivery company”, In Business& Management Collection, Henry Stewart Talk Series, UK, February

8- DE BEULE, F., JAKLIC, A. , KANIA, A., MROCZEK-DĄBROWSKA, K., VARDAR, N., VOSS, H. (2019) Video Case Studies in IB Teaching: An Empirical Comparison of Academic and Student Perceptions and Expectations, Journal of Teaching in International Business, 30:2, 175-195; DOI: 10.1080/08975930.2019.1663777

9- DE BEULE, F., JAKLIC, A., KANIA, A., K. Mroczek-Dąbrowska, N. VARDAR, H. VOSS, (2019) “Teaching IB has changed, right? Changes in IB curricula, desired by professors and students”, EIBAZINE International Business Perspectives, Issue № 25, Autumn/Winter

10- VARDAR, N. (2019) “Building on Brand Equity: Dealing with Competition – Dalin”  Brands Whisper’g Video Case Series, UK, September



Teaching Note: and    


11- VARDAR, N. (2019) “Global Campaigns versus Localisation: Evolving Brand Messages – Axe”, Brands Whisper’g Video Case Series, UK, September



Teaching Note: and  

12- VARDAR, N. (2019) “Social Responsibility Campaigns and Branding OPET”, Brands Whisper’g Video Case Series, UK, February



Teaching Note:

13- VARDAR, N. (2019) “The Role of CRM in Branding? – OPET”, Brands Whisper’g Video Case Series, UK, February



Teaching Note:

14- VARDAR, N. (2018) “How Can a Local Brand Compete Against International Giants? Jollibee, or ‘Asia’s McDonald’s’”, [Video file], In The Business& Management CollectionHenry Stewart Talk Series, UK, March

15- VARDAR, N. (2018) “A Local Brand Becoming International: From a University Corner Shop in Istanbul, to Oxford Street, London“, Henry Stewart Talk Series, UK

16- VARDAR, N. (2018) “Crisis Management – YENİ RAKI”, Brands Whisper’g Video Case Series, UK (Video

Teaching Notes:

17-VARDAR, N. (2018) “Product Standardisation – McDonald’s“, Brands Whisper’g Video Case Series, UK (Video: 

Teaching Note:

18- VARDAR, N. (2018) “Market Diversification – IPRAGAZ”, Brands Whisper’g Video Case Series, UK


Teaching Note:

19-VARDAR, N. (2018) “How is a New Brand Created? Brand Strategy – FORD TRUCKS”, Brands Whisper’g Video Case Series, UK



Teaching Note:

20- VARDAR, N. (2018) “Target Audience and Positioning – CarrefourSA”, Brands Whisper’g Video Case Series, UK



Teaching Note:


21- VARDAR, N. (2018) “Sustained Market Leadership since 1991- Okey in Turkey”,

Sage Business Online Case Series, USA,

22- VARDAR, N. (2018) “An International Brand’s National Launch – IKEA Turkey”, Sage Business Online Case Series, USA,

23- VARDAR, N. (2018) “The Ultimate Truth in Marketing:  Consumer Perception and Hyundai, Turkey”, Sage Business Online Case Series, USA,

24- VARDAR, N. (2018) “How Did A Newly Launched Brand Combat the Economic Crisis?”, Sage Business Online Case Series, USA,

25- VARDAR, N. (2018) “The Faster Fish Beats the Larger Fish” – Applying Porter’s Value Chain”, Sage Business Online Case Series, USA, Jan.

26-VARDAR, N. (2017) “How can you Extend the Product Life Cycle of a FMCG Brand?” (Video File), in the Business & Management CollectionHenry Stewart Talk Series, UK,

27- VARDAR, N. (2012) “Bank Z’s Communication Dilemma During Turkey’s 2001 Crisis”, Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies Series, Haziran

28- URAY, N., N. VARDAR, R. NACAR, C. AKTAN (2011) “Do Turkish MNCs Have Different Marketing Motives? A Case Study Approach”, EIBAzine, Nov.

29-YOLBULAN OKAN, E., N. VARDAR (2011) “Şikayet Yönetimi ile Memnun Müşteri Yaratmak: Türk Bankacılık Sektöründe Ampirik bir Çalışma”, in Pazarlama, İşletme Yönetimi ve Eğitiminde Seçilmiş Yazılar – Prof. Dr. Selime Sezgin’e Armağan, Oct., Beta Basım, İstanbul, 239-256

30-SÖZER, E.G., N. VARDAR (2009) “How Does Event Sponsorship Help in Leveraging Brand Equity?” , J. of Sponsorship, Dec., Vol. 3, No. 1, 35-42

31- VARDAR, N. (2009) “Recent Trends in Global Advertising Practice”, Henry Stewart Talks Series, in Exporting, International and Global Marketing Management: Beyond the Fundamentals, Dec                 

32-PALIWODA, S. J. , N. VARDAR (2006) “Coca-Cola: The Enduring Heritage Brand in Britain and Turkey”, Advertising Express, Jan., The ICFA University Press

33- VARDAR, N. (2004) “How did Dove Emerge as a Bigger Brand from the Recent Turkish Economic Crisis?” Admap, April, 46-48

34-VARDAR, N. (2004) “Reklamın Ekonomiye Katkısı:  Ekonomik Durgunluk Dönemlerinde Reklamın Yararları”, Pİ Pazarlama İletişimi, Apr., Vol. 8

35-VARDAR, N., S. J. PALIWODA (1993) “Successful International Advertising Campaigns and the ‘Mirroring Effect’ Between MNC’s and their Agencies”, J. of Euromarketing, Vol. 2, No. 4, 45-66

36-VARDAR, N. (1993) “Market Research in Turkey”, ESOMAR Newsbrief, July/August, Number 6 , 8-10

37-PALIWODA, S.J., N. VARDAR (1987)  “Industrial Buying Behaviour Applied to Imports”, Quarterly Review of Marketing, Jan., 12(2)


1-DE BEULE, F., N. VARDAR, A. JAKLIC, RASKOVIC, M. (2021) “Can We Cover IB Curriculum with the Help of Video Cases?” Panel Discussion Academy of International Busienss 2021 Online Conference, June 28-July (Submission accepted).

2- BLACKBURN, G., F. DE BEULE, A. JAKLIC, N. VARDAR, (2021) “Workshop:Video Case Studies for Teaching in IB”, Academy of International Business UK & Ireland Chapter Online Conference, University of Greenwich, London, UK April 15

3-  VARDAR, N., (2020) “Teaching IB Online with the Help of Feature Films” European International Business Academy 2020 Online, December 12 

4- VARDAR, N. (2020) “Change Management”, Harvard Business Review Turkey Online Webinar on August 27

5-  VARDAR,N. (2020) “Digital Transformation in Business Studies”, Bahcesehir Univ. Webinar, August 12  

6-  VOSS, H., F. DE BEULE, N. VARDAR (2020) “A New Teaching Format: Video Case Textbooks”, 80th Annual Meeting of Academy of Management Teaching and Learning Conference 2020 Online, Vancouver, Canada, Aug 9

7-  VOSS, H., A.  JAKLIC, F. DE BEULE, A. KANIA, N. VARDAR, (2020) “Teaching international business through video case studies” (Panel), Track 8, Teaching and Education, Academy of International Business 2020 Miami Online, USA, , July 8

8- VARDAR, N., F. DE BEULE (2020) “Using multimedia for interactive synchronous online teaching in IB”, Georgia State University -CIBER Virtual Webinar Series, Atlanta, USA, June 11

9-  CAVUSGIL T., F., DE BEULE, N. VARDAR, H. VOSS, A. YAPRAK (2019) “Case Studies in IB – with focus on video case development”, 45th EIBA Annual Conference 2019, Post-Conference Events International Business Pedagogy Workshop, Leeds University Business School, Leeds, UK, December 16th 

10- VARDAR, N. (2019) “Brands Whisper’g® Using ‘Reality Learning’ for Teaching Marketing” BAM MKE Conference ‘Teaching and Learning for Impact’, York St John University, York, UK, June 19

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13-  Panel member on: “Teaching IB to Today’s Students: Introducing Erasmus+ Project on Open Access Video Case Library for International Business”, International Business in a Transforming World – the Changing Role of States and FirmsEIBA 2018 Poznan Conference, 13-16 December, Poznan, Poland

14-VARDAR, N. (2018) “Lecturer Scripted Executive Video Cases: Could they be an alternative for teaching business studies?” Surrey Business School, University of SurreyCentre for Management  Learning, co-badged event with British Academy of Management Knowledge and Learning Special Interest Group (SIG), Marketing & Retail SGI and MKE, Nov. 21, 2018

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